About Tennessee Deck Builders

Tennessee Deck Builders serves the greater Knoxville area.  We understand what the people of Knoxville expect from their decks.

Tennessee Deck Builders shares the ideals that America was built on, we stand for something. Call it integrity, honesty, dependability- whatever you want- when you shake our hand it means something. It’s an old idea you don’t see much anymore. There is still a lot of power in it.

We treat every employee like family and every client like a friend. We believe that you should never delegate what you can and should do yourself. That is what makes Tennessee Deck Builders successful. Of course it helps to have the talent and resources to back it up.

Much has changed in the past twenty-five years. But at Tennessee Deck Builders, we are governed by the values upon which we were founded. And we are stronger today than we have ever been. That’s power. The power of a handshake. The power of a promise. The power of an old idea.

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